Monday, April 12, 2010

Greek Yogurt Coupons: Find Your Fav Brand!

After not blogging for a few months, I'm back! or at least for now, because I feel like I've been living on greek yogurt lately and there are SO many coupons that they must be shared. Greek yogurt is like a cross between yogurt and pudding- it's thicker and creamier with more protein, so it's a win-win-win food, just watch for fat free if you're watching the fat intake! Plus the greek yogurt companies must be desperate for you to like their brand the best, because the coupons are flowing like milk & honey!  

Yoplait Greek Yogurt:  Ok, so if you're a greek yogurt purist, Yoplait probably won't be your favorite, but it's new and they realllly want you to try it! It's perfect if you've never tried greek-style yogurt before or if you're like me,  an equal opportunity yogurt eater willing to try whatever won't cost me over a dollar. :)
Looking for a non-greek healthy yogurt option? Try Yoplait Yo-Plus proactive nutrition for FREE!

Oikos Greek Yogurt: organic!
  • $1.00 off Oikos organic greek yogurt 4oz 4-pk or 16oz cup - This coupon is at's exclusive coupons, so be sure to scan through and look for other good coupons, like 8th Continent soymilk, Cascadian Farm, Kashi, even another .30 Yoplait greek yogurt coupon & Bear Naked granola to put on all this yogurt!
  • Sign up at for a TON of good coupons like: $.50 off 2 5.3oz, one 16oz or 4oz 4ok Oikos organic greek yogurt. Also, Stonyfield milk, smoothies and other yogurt coupons.
FAGE Total Authentic Greek Yogurt: Probably the most authentic greek yogurt experience, but I've never been to Greece, so all I know is that it's really good!
Chobani Greek Yogurt: I think Chobani is my favorite... at least until else gives me a free coupon of another brand! 
Brown Cow Greek Yogurt
  • Let me know if you find a greek yogurt coupon, though they have coupons on their website for a handful of their other yogurt products. 
The Greek Gods Traditional Greek Yogurt
  • The reviews online seem to be mixed on this brand, some people think it's amazing but others point out that it seems to be normal yogurt (same amount of protein) thickened with pectin to be thicker. I have no opinion because I haven't tried it, but they don't seem to be big on coupons. If you're a fan, follow their Facebook page and wish for the best!
Trader Joe's Greek Yogurt
  • TJ's doesn't do coupons! :( But they're usually pretty reasonably priced in comparison to others, so see if there's a Trader Joe's near you, give it a try.

Let me know how cheap you get your greek yogurt & which brand is your favorite!