Thursday, June 10, 2010

Beat the Dirty, Hot Summer Blues

Summer is already here and somehow I skipped right over spring cleaning! Since everything is lighter and simpler in the heat of the summer, here are a few frugal finds to keep your house clean & airy!

Beat the Heat with Fresh Air

Can you remember the last time you replaced your air conditioner's filter? According to the A/C tech who was holding my embarrassingly filthy air filter, it should be changed every three months. With the summer growing hotter, it's worth the small investment for fresh air. Mine cost only $3.99 from Home Depot on the suggestion of the previously mentioned A/C tech that as long as I replaced it every three months, it was not necessary to buy the more expensive filters. That's what I like to hear!

Need a fan that doesn't mess around? Smith Ace Hardware on E. College has three-speed box fans for $10 (through the end of June) and at only 4 inches deep, it doesn't take up the whole space it's trying to cool. I can smell the fresh & frugal air already!

Housecleaning Shortcuts

I really never like vacuuming, but it's especially hard to get motivated in the summer. Enter: Swiffer and Febreeze. Request your Home Made Simple Coupon Booklet with over $30 in coupons on Proctor & Gamble home products like Mr. Clean, Dawn, Swiffer and Febreeze.

I've been having a little too much fun cleaning my kitchen with the new Soft Scrub Total Kitchen Cleaner. As a member of the Soft Scrub Club I received a free bottle and it turned out to be well worth the jests from my husband for being a member of something called the Soft Scrub Club. Their kitchen cleaner sprays and foams and even sprays upside down which means I can spin the bottle like I'm a wild west gun slinger and still clean the stove. That's important to me in a kitchen cleaner. Try it for 75 cents less by printing your online coupon.

I'm already working up a sweat just from writing about cleaning! Enjoy the summer!

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