Monday, June 21, 2010

Whether you love soccer or barely know what the keeper does, the World Cup is a fun, international event to follow and a great excuse to throw a party! With a few more weeks left in World Cup 2010 in South Africa, here are some ways to fake enthusiasm if "football" isn't your thing OR if you're a huge fan, here are ways to celebrate the world's largest sporting event without spending the money on a jersey.

Drink like a South African
If you have not tried Amarula, a South African cream liquor, then the World Cup is a great excuse. Made of the Marula Fruit, it is similar to Irish Cream but with a slight fruitiness that is great with milk & ice. I hear it's also quite good with soy milk, which basically makes it a health beverage in my book. It's available at most liquor stores (next to the irish creams), comes in a nice bottle with an elephant on the label that makes a perfect gift, and it's only about $18.
Amarula too expensive for you? Then grab a six-pack of Miller Lite! South African Breweries (SAB) acquired Miller Brewing in 2002. Also look for the more authentic Castle Lager, the original SAB brew.

Celebrate like a South African
Have you heard all the fuss about the vuvuzela? This South African horn is behind the droning buzzing noise heard in the background of every World Cup game this year. It's a fun word to say, so if the game isn't your thing, you can always talk about the vuvuzela. If you'd like to bring that celebratory noise to your own party, there are quite a few free iPhone applications, some even where you blow into the microphone like you're blowing into an actual vuvuzela! If you can't stand the sound that makes you think the tv is broken, and you happen to be a bit of a techie, there are ways to filter out the horns and enjoy a vuvuzela-free game.

Watch the World Cup
With the games being broadcast on ABC & ESPN, which are available on basic cable, you can watch the game at home, the gym or at countless bars and pubs. Use "watching the game" as an excuse to support a great charity and visit a bar that is participating in the Atlanta International Soccer Fest where a portion of proceeds from your food & drink will go to SOS Children's Villages, an international nonprofit building family-like community homes for orphaned and abandoned children.

Vuvuzelas in Atlanta?
Want to see Atlanta host the World Cup in 2018 or 2022? Atlanta is one of the cities listed in the US bid, so you can sign the petition to show your support.

Enjoy the games!

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