Monday, November 2, 2009

Beauty & Beer!

It's MapYeti Monday! Last week I mentioned that I mostly used for restaurant deals, so I decided that I'd comb through some of the other sections to see what great deals I could find for y'all!

Ok so now that we're past Halloween, it really feels like we're in the homestretch to Christmas. I LOVE getting people gifts from Sephora and fortunately, Sephora does good promotions where they give you something free (one for you, one for them!) and always free samples which are great to pad someone's gift. MapYeti linked me to Sephora's weekly deals page. The magnifi-scent deals are nice- if you're going to spend $70 on a designer fragrance, make sure you get something free! There's also a deal on Dior mascara that gets you two bonus small size mascaras- so you can decide if you like the Iconic better than DiorShow. Ok I'm speaking a language I do NOT know. I'm not a mascara gal, but if you are- let me know what you think!

Let's move to something I know better: BEER! Ok I've mentioned HopCity before and how awesome they are. They post their beer deals to MapYeti, so you can easily see what's going on at HopCity. This Wednesday is a FREE Thomas Creek Beer tasting at Octane Coffee Bar. Thomas Creek is brewed is from Upstate South Carolina, so you get to try some southern brew. The Thomas Creek website says 5 - 7PM, but Hop City says 5:30 -7:30, so I'd bet Hop City & Octane would get them to stay till 7:30. :)
With the weather getting colder and with holiday parties and family get-togethers on the horizon, here's a good introductory spray tan deal. Get an airbrush spray tan for $19.99 at Circuit Tan on 1529-A Piedmont Rd in Midtown. I have not tried spray tanning before, but it seems like it'd be an amusing venture and their website says you don't need an appointment which is fabulous for last-minute folks like me. You should go to their website and check out the header picture- the guy has electric blue eyes and it says come tan with me- sorta vampire like. It seems a little out of place, but it makes me smile.

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