Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Games for Good: Encourage Others!

I have a TON of friends on Facebook who just love their games- mafia wars, farmville, all the quizzes, etc. The thing that makes those fun is that you encourage your friends to play with you. Well I discovered this cool site called SocialVibe that feels like you're playing games and encouraging your friends to play to via facebook, twitter, etc. but the whole time you're earning money for the cause of your choice!

Today, on "We-not-me" Wednesday, I'm featuring SocialVibe. SocialVibe calls it being "sponsored". Basically someone else (a big company) has committed to give money to a charity of your choice when you or a friend of yours does a set activity- something small linked to their brand awareness. The activities vary but so far I've posted my favorite Karaoke song (as part of a promo for an Xbox game) & wrote a note of encouragement (as part of a coffee-mate promo). I posted one activity to Twitter and one activity to Facebook to encourage folks to join me. So far, with about 6 minutes of effort that felt like a game, I've earned 460 points, which means that my small action has paid for 12 1/2 hours of support for sick kids through the charity I chose to support, Starlight Children's Foundation. It's fun!

I just posted the badge to the sidebar of my blog, so please click on it or it'll stay at 0 hours which makes me sad!

*If you don't know about Starlight Children's Foundation, they're a great organization that supports chronically ill kids through programs like providing video game & laptop carts during hospital stays to make the time go faster and organizing groups of kids & their families to go on fun outings to enjoy themselves and build a sense of community. It's good stuff.

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