Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Postcards, Paper & Veterans Day!

Today, I decided to catch up on cool free samples, so I'm passing on my favs! I'm a huge free sample fan and truly, I do not get a ton of junk mail because of all the samples I get. I do get a lot more mail, but that's because they're sending me my samples and free coupons!

THIS IS REALLY COOL: Ok, through Hippopost, you can customize and send two FREE postcards a day. So, they'll take care of all the printing and mailing, and you have to do is fill out what you want and where you want it sent. Fun! And it really is a great way to get people familiar with their services, so it's a great company promotion! 

Free Memo Cube: Sandy Paper is promoting itself in my favorite way, by sending folks free stuff with their website on it! Get your free memo cube - I could always use more scratch paper! I end up writing directions to where I'm going on the end of a piece of mail (C'mon, you've done that too!)

Veteran's Day tomorrow: If you're a veteran or active duty, check out this site for a list of freebies and specials for Veteran's Day, tomorrow.

Thanks to my fav sample sites: MommySavesBig & Free Sample Freak!

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