Friday, October 9, 2009

$30. Could you do it?

Being frugal by choice is a luxury. Sure, I'm not swimming in money, but I always have enough money to eat. Enough money to buy a newspaper to clip coupons from. Enough money to be online talking all the time about how to conserve money. That is not the case for most of the world.. or for more of Atlanta than you think!

A lot of Atlanta bloggers are participating this coming week in a challenge to feed yourself for the week for $30. I've been following the #EatOn30 challenge on Twitter and haven't committed to do it this coming week because I'll be on vacation till Tuesday. But it has made me think a lot about solidarity. To me, solidarity is the reminder that we're one human family and I need to work to support, protect and love all my brothers and sisters.

So, since:
  • The national average for those receiving food assistance is $22-24 a week
  • The Suplemental Nutrition Assistance Program's average benefit is $101 A MONTH
  • 1/6th of the world's population lives on $1 a day

I need to kick up my solidarity efforts. Go to Tami's blog for full details on the challenge and sources for the stats. Since I am not participating fully this coming week, I am making my own commitment. This blog needs a recurring feature... so EVERY WEDNESDAY will be "We" not "Me" Wednesdays, to focus this little blog, just once a week, on how we can help others by raising awareness, using our resources in smart ways and helping others, while still staying on budget. This Wednesday I'll be feeding myself for $4 a day- on real food and posting my results. Have a great weekend and you'll hear from me next week!


  1. Fascinating challenge, Atlanta! I'm intrigued... keep me posted on your Weds. feature. I might have to start my own as well. You've got me thinking...

  2. Thank you thank you thank you for spreading the word! I *love* your WE Wednesday idea! :)

  3. Happy to spread the word and excited about making a weekly commitment. I'm WIDE OPEN to We Wednesday ideas, so please let me know your thoughts! KATHY!~

  4. Kathy,
    I looked at some other peoples blog to see thier results because this is interesting. Question, $30 a week per person? or per family? I really don't think I can feed my family healthy meals unless I grow my own veggies and go fishing everyday on $4 dollars unless we eat hotdogs and drink water! Call me and let me know!
    Love ya,

  5. It's definitely $30 per person- not per family! KATHY!~