Thursday, October 8, 2009

New product FAIL, Old products WIN

In today's showdown of new vs. old... OLD WINS!

The NEW:  I'm all for trying new things, especially frozen products because it's just so quick. So, when I got a $1 off coupon for Gorton's Grilled fillets, I figured I would definitely try it if it wasn't too expensive. So for $1.99 after the coupon, I got Classic Grilled Salmon Fillets. In general, the texture was pretty good, but I couldn't get over the overwhelming liquid smoke/faux grill flavor. The website literally says, "Bursting with a classic smoky grilled flavor." Um.. they aren't kidding. I barely ate any of mine, which is good because I realized it has MSG, which is a no-no for my migraines. But the hubby ate it. He's good like that. And huge kudos to Gorton's for putting the nutrition info and ingredient list so prominently on their website. Fortunately, we had good veggies & rice, so my dinner was still good. I might be open to trying their grilled scampi shrimp that doesn't have straight msg, but it was more expensive. 

The OLD: There are two new thrift stores in the ATL! TODAY is opening day on the NEW Goodwill Store in Buckhead, 3906 Roswell Rd. Yes you heard me right, Buckhead! I used to think the Buford Hwy Goodwill was the best because that's where the collection box from Lenox Mall went, but there are high hopes for fancy clothes being $4 at this new location. Woohoo!  
Just a bit further up Roswell Rd. in Sandy Springs is the new Thrifty Living Discount Center on 6655 Roswell Rd. The store is trying to be like a Goodwill, but with all of the proceeds going to Christian causes. They have a second Roswell/Alpharetta location planned too, but it's not opened yet. If you make it a day and go from the new Goodwill to Thrifty Living, be sure to also stop at the Sandy Springs Goodwill at Roswell & Johnson Ferry Rd. LOVE IT!

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  1. So excited about the new thrift store!

    I need to DM you. I would love to bring you to an event on Saturday at Nearly New!