Friday, October 16, 2009

Cheap Fun Stuff THIS WEEKEND!

I love me a good FREE festival and The Chastain Park Arts Festival seems like a Don't Miss event! 10-6 on Saturday & 11-5 on Sunday! They'll have great artists and you can be part of a world record try- they're going for the longest line of pies! Sign up at the Costco tent on Saturday or Sunday and bring your pie on Sunday at 2:30PM. ALSO buy a beer while you're there b/c money from beverage sales is going to the Big Trees Forest Preserve- which is AWESOME and hardly anyone knows it's there! Once the leaves change a little more, I'll do a post on cool free places to enjoy the fall- Big Trees is definitely on the list!

Target Family Fun Day at Woodruff Arts Center: Sunday Oct 18, Noon - 5PM Ok, so I literally called to make sure there wasn't a "bring a kid" requirement, but there isn't! They will have a lot of kid-oriented activites (and a lot of kids around), but it's FREE admission to the High Museum! So if you're looking to be inside on this chilly weekend AND get a free peek at the DaVinci exhibit, it's a great option.

Ooh Also if you go to Burger King this Month, be sure to donate $1 to their BK Scholars program and you'll get a coupon booklet with 8 free fry coupons! Woohoo!

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