Monday, September 28, 2009

$1.50 for a Movie?? Cheap Dates Rock.

This is my first "Cheap Night Out" post. I might do one once a week or less or more.. I obviously have a well-thought out plan. :) 

The classic dinner & movie is getting to be RIDICULOUSLY expensive.  So let's create a viable and more creative alternative. It starts with a new theater. There aren't many cheap theaters in Atlanta, but I LOVE Picture Show at Merchants in Marietta (East Cobb County).  Tickets are $1.75 each .. all the time... except on Tuesdays when they're $.75 and for matinees which are $1.25. Awesome!

So let's assume you're not messing with the classic date night that much and you're going out on a weekend night, so that's $3.50 for 2 tickets and then what. I guarantee you're going to want to do something after you see a movie at Picture Show, so instead of dinner before hand, do a movie & go out afterwards. It's just more entertaining to see a movie at Picture Show- the crowd is more interactive, people laughing or clapping inappropriately- you'll want to debrief the whole experience afterwards. Though it's not a fancy place, I've never found the seats sticky or the place creepy in anyway. If you go knowing it's a cheap theater, you'll love it! 

Ideas for going out afterwards... So you've made the trip out to East Cobb, now what? Here are two recommendations. Everyone loves ice cream, but make yourself look like you know all the local & best spots and go out for gelato Roma's Gelato & Italian Ice. You'll turn left on Roswell from the theater and keep going until you turn right at Piedmont & it's in the shopping center on the corner. Around $3 a person gets you YUMMY gelato. And you can ask to sample flavors till you find what you like- which will be all of it. 

If you prefer a drink to a frozen treat, I recommend Suburban Tap. It's right around the corner from the theater. Have a beer, catch up on sports scores on their tv's & if you go to a 7ish movie on a Saturday, you'll be there to catch team trivia which is ALWAYS fun. I can't vouch that they're drinks are especially cheap, but it's not an expensive place and it has that local-bar-with-loyal-customers feel. If you do want to eat, here's a $3 off $20 or more coupon

So go live it up in East Cobb & enjoy your movie!!

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