Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Free beer and people who know about it.

If you haven't been to Hop City Beer & Wine in Midtown (1000 Marietta St.- basically behind Georgia Tech) you should probably go- right now... or as soon as humanly possible! They're a great store with people who know about beer and wine. They'll help you find a beverage that you'll love -and that's in your price range! The selection is extreme- seriously my husband was so happy it was a little ridiculous. Not only are they a great store, but they sponsor FREE tastings!! Um yeah, that means free beer. They have the tastings across the street at the Octane Coffee Bar (1009 Marietta St) which is a cool, comfortable coffee shop that also serves beer & wine- which is awesome. It's definitely a tasting, so you don't get full size beers, but it was fun sitting at the bar learning about the beers from the beer reps and we weren't disappointed with the amount we got to sample.  It's a perfect FREE happy hour treat. There's a free Hop City tasting at Octane TOMORROW! Wednesday Sept 30 5-7PM. Not that it really matters what kind of beer, but it's good stuff from Belukus Brands- Youngs Double Chocolate Stout & Blanc de Brussels!  

Don't worry, if you miss tomorrow's free tasting, there are more free tastings at Octane on October 7 & 14!  And they seem to do them pretty often... which is AWESOME! Free beer makes me smile. 

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