Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bonus Virtual Coups: The Basics

I know, I know, Publix is cooler than Kroger. But the Kroger Card makes shopping at the Krog fun, frugal & fabulous!

Bonus coupons are a lot of the reason why my Kroger Card is so dear to me. You can literally load coupons onto your card so there's nothing to clip, no wasted paper (yey for the environment) and you can use them on top of printed coupons, so you can save a ton. All you have to do is register you card # with these sites and then choose your coups. This takes like 2 minutes and can be done all online, so it was designed for the lazy & cheap... like me!

Shortcuts is my favorite because it also has coupons for Kroger brand items. Really, store brand and bonus coupons is happiness. Cellfire often has some of the same coups as Shortcuts, which means you can get both the cellfire coupon, the shortcut coupon & a paper coupon together. There's also PG&E Saver which I don't like as much as the others because I don't really buy name brand, but it has a lot of decent deals.

I'll be talking about these sites a bunch, so check them out and I'll highlight deals I like on future posts.

Great tailgating coupon:
.65 off Kroger Cornitos OR Tortilla Chips from Shortcuts - that ended up being .35 for a bag of tortilla chips... during football season! 

Ok so my first real post is about virtual coupons because I just don't have a good coupon organizing system. Somehow, just putting them all in my purse is not working- don't ask me for a pen b/c I'll never find it! Anyway,  my paper coupons are in total disarray. Tomorrow I'll post on my new coupon organizer!


  1. Great job girl, you feel like you save more money at Kroger, but Publix is so much better..I have to admit I am guilty of Target grocery shopping occasionally.. Have you heard of coupon mom? I am not a mom but she gives great advice. She has tons of info and free e-books on saving money..

  2. If you shop at Target, Hot Coupon World has a great Target coupon generator that prints all the coupons on the same page. Check out

    Part of the reason I'm doing a blog is because I'm not a mom and almost all of the other coupon folks are moms, so this is my own take on saving money!