Thursday, September 24, 2009

Store brands are great...

I love store brands & am a HUGE believer that you really do save a lot of money by buying generic, store brands. There are a ton of things that I buy store brand and there's no difference to me- and sometimes the store brand is better. Target brand Archer Farms is delicious AND last time I went I was able to find little red tags with great discounts on some of their Archer Farms frozen stuff b/c they discontinue products to control inventory (a bag of frozen veggies & calzones- good stuff). Also, I'm obsessed with Publix brand ice cream. I bought Publix Irish Cream ice cream once and got totally addicted- even think their packaging is pretty. 

BUT there are just some times where store brand doesn't cut it. We all have our loyalty items. My biggest by far is Classico Tomato Sauce. I love it! It's what my food-loving family raised me on and other sauces seem to taste too ketchup-y to me. I've been mixing it up lately, trying some of the other brands that try to look like classico and they're really just not as good. So what do you do when you're trying to hunt down a good deal on a specific brand/product?

Coupon Databases! It's exactly what it sounds like- a searchable list of all the coupons that are available. Some good coupon databases: A Full Cup & Hot Coupon World. There aren't a ton of coupons out there right now for my Classico, but when it's on sale, I can turn to the coupon database, make it as cheap as possible and stock up!

Happy couponing!

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