Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Free Night of Theater!

Big thanks to my husband's mom for raising him to always tolerate and usually enjoy most any cultural event I drag him to. I do watch a lot of sports for him, so it works out pretty well.  And since the hubby appreciates free things almost as much as I do, we're HUGE fans of the Free Night of Theater. Last year we got two free tickets to Shakespeare Tavern- which freed up some funds to eat dinner there and have a beer during the show. It was a great night! 

So here's how to score two free tickets to a variety of upcoming shows...
All you have to do is go to the website and order your free tix. Pretty foolproof.  The key is that the ticket window opens at 2PM TOMORROW, so go to the website tomorrow afternoon for your first choice! There are a decent amount of theaters participating: Alliance Theater, Georgia Shakespeare,  Dad's Garage, etc. and though a lot of them are on Thursday nights, there are a variety of dates between Oct 15 & 30th.  Let's go be cultured for free!

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