Saturday, September 19, 2009

Free samples are my friend

Before I got hugely into using coupons and hunting for every deal I could find, I was into signing up for free samples.  Free stuff is awesome- especially things like food & laundry detergent that you'll definitely use. There are some really good sites that give you legit free samples from companies that are truly looking to give you the item and not just trying to get you to fill out "free" offers or spam your email address.  Here are some great places to start: my three fav sites AND my three favorite current freebies!

Mommy Saves Big- This is an awesome site. You'll have to click on the Free Samples section since they also have online discount codes, printable coupons, etc. 
  • Currently my favorite free sample from Mommy Saves Big is Free Betty Crocker Potatoes. Now you do have to sign up for the Betty Crocker newsletter, but they don't spam you. It'll let you truly unsubscribe and you can always get another email to use just for samples. I do that and like having all the e-newsletters from companies in one spot so you can scan for coupons and good recipes. 
A Cheap Chicks Ray of Sunshine- If you're worried about spammers and bogus freebies, Cheap Chick is your girl. She is always on the lookout for legit freebies and does "Forget it freebie alerts" to let you know which companies to avoid. She also has a coupon database.
  • My current favorite freebie on Cheap Chick is a free Evil Ronald McDonald Mask from PETA because it proves that there are all sorts of random freebies available online! Don't worry, she does have a lot of less obscure free stuff too!
Free Sample Freak- Brandie posts great freebies and has a very happy & colorful blog. 
  • My current favorite freebie from Free Sample Freak is Free Burt's Bees Acne Solutions because Burt's Bees is awesome and I've heard good things about their acne stuff!
Much more on free samples to come in future blog posts! :)