Friday, September 18, 2009

My dad is my coupon hero

Growing up, my dad had a black index card box that I estimate has saved him like 1 million dollars (that's a loose estimate). He would not only clip coupons every Sunday, but he had (and still has!) his coupon box organized by aisle in his grocery store. He has a definite system. It's awesome. 

So with all that awesomeness upbringing, I went to the store Wednesday to buy a box to hold my coupons. This should be a simple endeavor, but suddenly I got very concerned about how my coupon box would look to others. I suddenly wanted to look cool- and am choosing to express my coolness through my coupon organizer which is possibly the least cool thing, um ever. So after going to three stores, I came home and scoured my house for cool boxes. I think I've found a suitable box- it's a makeup box so as bonus, there's a little mirror in the top and elastics to hold a pen & mini scissors! I'm still working it out, so hopefully later today I'll post pictures of my makeup/coupon box.


  1. Awesome! I have my own coupon system where I organize by store (walmart or target vs. grocery) and I also sort by date, so I don't let the good ones expire!

  2. Yeah, frankly, getting the box is the first step, then I have to figure out how I want to organize it! Great suggestions!

  3. Hi FrugalFabATL, your father is really a coupon hero. and I think you, too. You share various coupons and tips with your friends and others, like me. What a great job you do! Kepp it up!